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Déco Nails™

Déco Nails™

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Made for picture hanging

  • Unique nail head design prevents hardware from sliding off
  • Comes in two different head sizes to fit most picture hanging hardware including picture wire, sawtooth hooks, D-rings and keyhole hangers
  • Supports up to 20 lbs
  • Spiral shank increases the holding strength of the nail
  • Perfect for hanging pictures, mirrors, clocks and other wall décor in drywall
  • Project pack 6.77 x 3.86 x 0.79 in (17.2 x 9.8 x 2 cm)

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    Never worry about falling pictures again

    The unique head of the Déco Nails™ prevents items from falling off.
    Deco Nails come in two sizes for almost any picture hardware
    Two heads are better than one
    Déco Nails come in small and large head sizes, and feature a unique head with a ridge made for holding picture wire, sawtooth hooks, D-rings and keyholes.
    Deco Nails hold your art securely
    Never worry about falling pictures again
    As you hammer, the spiral shape twists the nail into the wall like a screw, ensuring a secure hold. Each nail can hold up to 20 lbs. 
    Deco Nails go straight in to the wall for a secure hold
    Art sits close to the wall
    Our special nail head is designed to allow your art to sit close to the wall, instead of tilting forward creating a polished and professional look.
    Déco Nails™ are specifically
    designed for hanging pictures.
    Easy to install
    Unlike other nails which need to be installed at an angle, Déco Nails™ go straight into the wall. Watch the video below to learn more.
    Deco Nails have a spiral shank that acts like a screw for an even better hold in drywall
    Nails you can trust with your art
    Use Déco Nails to hang picture frames, clocks and other décor items. Each nail securely holds up to 20 lbs.

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    Photo Wall Projects Completed Using Deco Nails
    We love to see how people use our products, not only does it help us improve and innovate, but often we are just plain ‘ol inspired by what people think up. Case in point with James Caldwell, a partner in the design and communication firm Thirst, who got in touch with us a while ago to enquire about buying our Deco Nails™ in bulk. 

    Déco Nails: Specifically Designed to Hang Art
    When hanging pictures it’s important to choose nails you can trust to hold your artwork. That’s why we designed the Déco Nail’s unique head to prevent any picture hardware from slipping off. Use them to securely hang pictures, mirrors, clocks, or any other wall décor you may have. Déco Nails can support up to 20 lbs.
    Use Two Nails Per Frame For More Stability
    If your piece is heavy and fitted with a picture wire, use two Déco Nails to hang it so that the weight of the piece is evenly distributed. Not only will the frame be more secure on the wall, it will also hang straighter than if you used only one nail. Note that each nail can support up to 20 lbs; while using two doesn’t mean that you’re safe to hold 40 pounds, they will hold more weight than if only one nail is used.

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