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Déco Magnets™

Déco Magnets™

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Damage-free poster hanging

  • Déco Magnets hold posters securely between magnets & discs without puncturing the paper
  • The adhesive backs stick firmly & removes without damaging wall surface
  • Déco Magnets come in black & white to go with any poster or wall
  • Adjusting or changing posters is quick & easy
  • Déco Magnets are versatile for use on any smooth surface, including drywall, plaster, tile, wood & more
  • 4.72 x 3.86 x 0.71 in (12 x 9.8 x 1.8 cm)

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Damage-free poster hanging

Déco Magnets™ feature a removable metal disc to hang posters without having to put holes in your wall or your art.
Deco Magnets come in two colors
Stand out or blend in
Déco Magnets™ come in black or white to fit any décor and poster color.
Deco Magnets never damage your wall
Works for everyone
Déco Magnets™ don't damage walls so they're perfect for renters, offices, kids' rooms and dorms.
Deco Magnets hold tight to the wall, but still remove cleanly.
Sticks firmly and removes cleanly
The adhesive back holds tightly to smooth surfaces, yet leaves no residue when removed.
You can trust Déco Magnets to hold anything lightweight.
Hang posters, photos, cards, kids’ art and much more.
So easy to use!
Watch the video below to see Déco Magnets™ in action.
Peel the back and stick to the wall
It takes only seconds
Place a disc on the back of your poster and a magnet on the front. Peel the backing off the disc, position your art on the wall and push to stick.

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