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Super strong on its own

Déco Screws™ are a combination of a screw and anchor, eliminating the need for wall plugs
No drill needed
Déco Screws™ work with both Phillips and flat screwdrivers, so you can grab either one and go
Works with most picture hanging hardware
Its head is perfect to securely hang picture frames, mirrors, clocks and other wall décor
No worries
These special screws fit standard drywall and will not puncture wiring or plumbing
Hang your wall décor without worrying it will fall off.
The shape of the screw prevents décor items from slipping off.
Watch the video below to see how they work.
Peace of mind
You can trust Déco Screws™ with your mirrors, frames, clocks and other wall décor. Each screw supports up to 30 lbs, ensuring a secure hold and giving you peace of mind. Déco Screws™ are available in both brass and nickel.

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