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Never worry about falling pictures again

The unique head of the Déco Nails™ prevents items from falling off.
Two heads are better than one
Déco Nails™ come in small and large head sizes, and feature a unique head with a ridge made for holding almost picture wire, sawtooth hooks, D-rings and keyholes.
Never worry about falling pictures again
As you hammer, the spiral shape twists the nail into the wall like a screw, ensuring a secure hold.
Art sits close to the wall
Our special nail head is designed to allow your art to sit close to the wall, instead of tilting forward, creating a polished and professional look.
Déco Nails™ are specifically
designed for hanging pictures.
Easy to install
Unlike other nails which need to be installed at an angle, Déco Nails™ go straight into the wall. Watch the video below to learn more.
Nails you can trust with your art
Use Déco Nails™ to hang picture frames, clocks and other décor items. Each nail securely holds up to 20 lbs.

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